Thursday, April 06, 2006

Puget Sound may have a Serial Killer on the loose!

Unfortunately, yesterday the news was that the partial skull and partial spine found in Lakewood was that of ten year old Adre' Anna Jackson who turned up missing December 2, 2005 as she walked to school.

I found it interesting that the type of location where her remains were found was eerily similar to the type of location where Nicole Pietz, the Lynnwood woman who turned up missing January 28, 2006 was found.

They both were discovered in blackberry bushes right on a road where anybody driving or walking by could see them.

Dumping bodies on the side of a road where any one can see seems very arrogant and overly confident of a killer which makes me believe this is a serial killer.

Now this in and of itself is probably not too much evidence, but that facts are that both females just disappeared off the face of the earth in broad day light with no struggle, no evidence, no nothing and no one saw it happen! This tells me the murderer is accomplished at what he does.

They were both found in blackberry bushes. Nicole's body was found in Green River Killer territory (Burien), and the homicide case of Adre' Anna has brought in the Green River Killer Task Force.

The Police aren't saying whether Nicole was sexually assaulted from the reports I have read, but she was strangled. We will never know in the case of Adre' Anna unless they have found the bone in the neck that is crushed due to strangling.

Are these two cases connected? I don't know. I am going on speculation right now BUT I would live like we have a serial killer out on the loose stalking and driving up and down the I-5 corridor until we find out otherwise.

Be safe, be wise, keep your car doors locked at all times, and do not talk to any strangers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess is that Nicole's husband killed her.
My other guess is that Andre'anna's step-Dad killed her.

You never know.....there could be another crazy serial killer out there but it's more likely that both were killed by someone they knew.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say the police should find out who wrote the anonymous comment above, and they just might have their crazy serial killer.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What in the world do these two murder cases have anything to do with pushing the one strike law for sex offences.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Tracy Oetting said...

This is my blog. I can cover whatever I want on my blog. The website stays focused on the OSL. Thank you for asking.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Tracy, you do not have the right to cover the stories any way you want. These stories affect many lives. Try sticking to stories that fit your issues. All I see on your web site are murder cases; we already have harsh laws that deal with this type of crime. The OSL from the way I read it is a sex law.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

I sincerely do not feel in my heart that Washington state is going to let "Dylan’s Law" happen. The Governor just signed a bill about sex offenders.
I do feel for the victims, but a mandatory sentence is not the answer. What you people are trying to do is not going to stop sex abuse from happening. It going to continue, its unfortunate.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Tracy Oetting said...

Hi Karen,

I appreciate your comments, and thought a rebuttal was in order.

Time will tell whether we get the signatures, but I believe that if you think that change is needed you should do what you can to make that change regardless of the "ifs" or "mights" or "might nots".

Will an OSL STOP all sex crimes? Absolutely not, BUT it will stop a significant majority of them because the perp will think twice before committing these types of crimes. Your comment was also an argument during the Three Strikes debate, and a study was done a year or so after the law was past showing that Three Strike crimes did in fact go down. Did it stop ALL Three Strike crimes from being committed? Of course not, but as the study shows they did go down.

Do we stop trying because an OSL won't stop ALL sex crimes? Absolutely not. You have to at least try and tough sentencing law is a deterrent for committing those crimnes the law targets.

Thank you for your comments.


2:02 PM  

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