Thursday, March 23, 2006

Snohomish Prosecutor and Candidate Janice Ellis Runs Interference for Predator Industrial Complex!

Go ahead punk! Make my day!

Today I received a defensive call from the Snohomish County Prosecutor's office. The secretary informed me that Snohomish County Prosecutor and CANDIDATE Janice Ellis is demanding a face-to-face discussion with me and she'd be willing to meet me in Monroe. Excuse me? You're demanding a meeting with me? The reason? She wants me to explain to her what the "Family & Friends Discount" means mentioned in letters to the editor published around the state! See blog post below.

She stated, "Ms. Ellis wants to understand you." I think she wants to challenge me not understand me. Does she want to understand me the way she understands predators and pedophiles?

I reminded her that Ms. Ellis already understands what the family and friends discount is as she completely supports it, and backed up her position in a piece that she wrote blasting a one strike law for predators who attack innocent people. (See link in title)

I told the woman to call me on my landline to discuss further what Ms. Ellis' demands were and gave her my number. She said she would call but she never did. Things that make you go Hmmm. She calls me, demands a meeting, and then quietly backs out!

Is she afraid of the truth? Is she afraid that there are people who understand that her arguments against predators and pedophiles being locked away for life are deficient? Are you afraid that your upcoming election might be threatened?

Ms. Ellis, on the tax-payer's dime, you have publicly come out against putting pedophiles and predators in prison for life, and you refuse to explain yourself in true logical form.

Your bogus argument that kids won't testify against their daddy if they knew there was an one strike law doesn't hold up to logic. You put people who are dads in prison every day! You don't seem to mind putting those bread winners in prison!

I am surprised that someone who went to law school who is suppose to be trained in the art of logic uses this false argument as their support system.

The bottom line is this Ms. Ellis: You believe and support the recycling of violent sex predators especially when they have chlidren of their own. This keeps you in business, and it keeps these pedophiles in a continual supply of articulately groomed and quiet kids! You are running for office again and you want to appear on the surface that you are tough on crime when really you are tough on the taxpayers and light on the pedophiles and predators.

So! If you want a face to face with me I'll be down at the Northwest Women's Show--Booth DD--with the media and we'll do it there! Hope to see ya.


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