Wednesday, April 05, 2006

5000 Signatures Collected at the Northwest Womans Show!

"Let the punishment fit the crime!" (and then some) was the overwhelming response of the wonderful supporters of Dylan's Law at the Northwest Women's Show March 24-25. Citizens for a One Strike Law had a goal and that goal was more than achieved with every person who stopped, signed, asked questions and voiced their support at our booth. The community more than proved that we want to make a difference and change the law to end sexual terrorism against the innocent and helpless in Washington State.

The amount of supporters gathering to sign and the eagerness of some was often a sight to see! We laughed at the comments of what to do with the predators, we cried with victims who shared their own terrible stories and we witnessed so many who left with tears in remembrance of Dylan and Slade. To ease some of the pain, we bragged that Shasta had received straight A's on her report card and that she is doing better than could be expected. People were touched by our efforts and hard work. Many left with blank petitions, determined to have their church members, neighbors and family members fill them up. They believe in making a difference.

Wendy Price, Dylan, Slade and Shasta Groene's Aunt painstakingly worked many hours in spite of a nagging foot injury, bless you Wendy! We want to thank her for being there and sharing her gift of stories with those who wanted to know more about the Groene family children. This connects us to those children, Brenda and Mark who are always in our hearts, prayers and future hopes of Dylan's Law coming to fruition in November.

Thank you to all who signed, to those who left determined to rid our communities and neighborhoods sexual predators and to the efforts of the volunteers of Citizens for One Strike. Everyone made a difference. Especially you, Tracy, you rock and roll girl! Way to go everyone, you are all an inspiration. Now let's keep those petitions coming back, signed completely and in our hands as soon as possible.

If you haven't ordered your petitions yet email and order yours TODAY!

Let's not say we're doing it for the children, let's really do it for the children!

Sherri Peak,
Dylan's Law Supporter


Anonymous Lee Ann Nuckles said...

Wow, you need to find more of these events. No offense to the men, but I assume women would not hesitate to sign this petition. This is about hurting children, and Dylan, Slade, and Shasta are just like our own little ones.

It is so exciting to see this a leap of success!

4:48 AM  

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