Friday, March 31, 2006

One Less Horror for "Imahologram's" Life

Some weeks ago OSL received an email from a third party about the "Dylan Groene Angel Memorial Fund". This email notice appeared to be a generic appeal circulated as a chain email to interested parties. In good faith, because OSL thought the Memorial was a good idea, we posted the text and images as a page on the OSL web site. Now, someone writing as "Imahologram" has flamed OSL and Tracy Oetting as "plagiarist" of the purportedly original message.

OSL had no intention of posting other's material without attribution, assuming the third party email was a generic appeal for a worthwhile cause.

We have removed the content from OSL, and now link over to a "letter to the editor" about the Memorial fund. We hope this will lessen the horror show that is "Imahologram's" life.

OSL still thinks the "Dylan Groene Angel Memorial Fund" is worth your attention, wherever you may find the notice.

Cary Thomas, webmaster, OSL

Tracy's thoughts about the flame attack

The world of technology has brought on emails, websites, chat boards, and blogs, but what the world of technology hasn't brought with these tools to some folks out there are the rules of netiquette, common sense, civility, and a mature self image.

Some people who choose to use these tools, use this opportunity to fight wars of personal destruction without being adult enough to use their own names! I have always been mystified that if you have the guts enough to annihilate someone's character, or peer into the unknown parts of another's heart and intention then have the guts enough to use your own name!

Realize I sent her a comment for her post letting her know that I was very sorry that we placed the memorial fund notice on our website. We did so because a concerned citizen sent us the notice and we put the notice on the front page at the top of the website AS IS because we believe it was an important project. I said that we never even considered the thought that it would be a plagiarized link, and let her know that we will promptly remove the link.

It was an unwitting error on our part to place this link on our website which we did in good faith. It is unfortunate that IMAHOLOGRAM decided to just blast me with accusations of plagiarism, theft, and emotional manipulation instead of simply emailing me asking me to correct the contents of the link. We would have promptly fixed the problem. It's too bad that the failure of communicating like an adult would cause the removal of such an important project from our equally important website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the heck is wrong with people?!!! I am really sorry to hear about this! The"Dylan Groene Angel Memorial Fund" is for the memory of Dylan Groene - and this link should be everywhere possible! Who the heck cares who started this very important fund as long as it got started. If I feel this way, could you imagine how Steve and Shasta Groene would feel about this? I am completely embarrased for Imoholgram and I don't understand how anyone could behave this way.


12:51 PM  
Anonymous Carrie said...

I cannot believe the audacity of some people (IMAHOLOGRAM ). Plagiarism, I do not think so. It’s not as if IMAHOLOGRAM wrote a novel and was being paid for it. Dylan’s memorial is a splendid idea that warrants as much attention as possible. Lady if you want credit for something go write a book. I thought the whole idea was to raise enough money for Dylan and Slade’s memorial. Imahologram, you should be happy this idea is getting attention from people and the word is getting out. Lady, grow up and get a hobby.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think someone over there on that blog forgot to take their prozac.

-- concerned mother on the west coast

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMAHOLOGRAM~ what you alleged is an insult to Dylan and his family. You should be embarrassed. I thought this memorial was about raising funds; not about who did what. Get a grip

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMAHOLOGRAM~ what you alleged is an insult to Dylan and his family. You should be embarrassed. I thought this memorial was about raising funds; not about who did what. Get a grip

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I am having a very similar experience with "Imahologram," a purported 44-year-old "analyst" from Washington state over the book I wrote on the Shasta and Dylan Groene case. Every which way I turn she's accusing "cut-and-paste" and "plagiarism" for matters that fall under the fair use copyright laws. No matter that I have links on my own Web site directing people to donate to Shasta's trustfund; no matter that the book is accurate; no matter that I was thanked by a relative of victim Scott McKenzie's for writing the book in which the relative only found one error; etc. etc. Nothing seems to matter to this seemingly very unhappy middle-aged woman, whom I suspect works for Google because she is always claiming that I am Googling her--I am! At any rate, pay no mind to this mindless twit and keep doing the good works that you are doing. You will be blessed many times over while this neurosis of a human being stews in her own self-made hell and self-destructs from her own actions.

Thank you for your time.

Gary C. King

3:51 PM  

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