Monday, May 08, 2006

Biker's Ride Out for Dylan's Law a Phenomenal Success!


I certainly don't expect you to remember me from the mass of folks at yesterday's ride but I was the pony-tailed fella trying to give you directions in the parking lot after leaving the last Aztecas.

At any rate, I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you to you and your husband. What you are doing is incredible and even if 921 doesn't make the ballot, you will have done a great service to your community. Someone has to start the ball rolling and you have done that. As a father, citizen, ex-cop, and simply a human being I thank you and extend my deepest admiration.

It seems every week there is an adivisory alerting us to a new Level III offender with a high risk to re-offend moving into our communities. Just this past Friday, the day before the ride, a man groped a little girl just outside the school that my youngest daughter and my grand-niece attend. News story

It sickens and saddens me that our so-called political "leaders" have to be forced into action. But it heartens me to see folks like you and those who have lent so much support take the bull by the horns and work with the system for all of our benefit.

It was an honor to meet you and your husband.

I don't know how many signatures we collected but regardless of the number, I feel as though the event was an amazing success. It generated publicity in the local media but more, it was a highly impactful visual display for Washingtonians. They won't soon forget the long parade of bikers rumbling down Division Street hoisting signs for Dylan's Law!

I intend to contact Sheri and extend the same thanks and appreciation to her. And I also intend to contact Azteca and the Spokane PD for their support.

I've attached a few pictures. I have more if you'd like but just picked these out of the bunch. I attended the event with my brother in law and sister (who you'll see in the pictures). I've never seen my sister so motivated and passionate about a cause before. It was great!

Thank you again for your efforts and I hope you've returned home safely and without incident.

God Bless,

Erik L. Turner
Spokane, WA


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